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strange times are here [15 May 2021|04:41pm]

it always ends. that's what gives it value.
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ooc miscellany - screened [15 May 2021|10:19am]
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[23 Feb 2017|03:50am]
screened and unlocked.
say what you will.
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paul/tristan - psl type thing [28 Dec 2009|03:24am]
the last time that paul had come to visit, things had ended awkwardly and paul had gone home with things left completely unresolved. it didn't get any better when paul and torran hooked up. tristan had seen it coming a mile away. all the tell-tale signs of it. but at this point he cared less. something in him had sparked and turned. he didn't know what it was exactly, but he was less concerned with what other people thought about him and more concerned with just being himself and being honest. and while he hadn't intended for his conversation with paul to go from playful to downright dirty and sexual in content, it had and he wasn't apologizing for it. he'd been thinking about the boy on and off since their encounter in vegas and he knew that there was something there, even if there was so much space between them. the fact that paul agreed to come all the way to la, when he hated it, spoke volumes about what the boy must have expected out of this encounter. tristan just didn't plan on letting it go the way las vegas did. standing in the baggage claim of lax, he was wearing a pair of sunglasses, though they were pushed up into his curly hair. one of his hands was tucked into the pocket of his trousers and the other was holding up his iphone while he texted back and forth with his boss about the time he was going to need to take off of work. she wasn't happy, but he didn't care. if she wanted to fire him it would be worth it. when the carousel jumped to life he lifted his head and looked up in time to see people coming down the escalators. paul was among them and he wasted no time in ditching his phone into the pocket of his blazer before he walked across the wide open space. he wasted no times in getting his arms around him and leaning in for a kiss. no, this wasn't going to be like last time.
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